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Married and Young


Her earthy like skin tone, the creases of age lined her dough like face, and her black pupils focused sternly on mine. I knew she wasn’t happy, it was her first grandson of course, but she did not held back. Her grip tightened as she told me in her native tongue, “Care well for him and make him happy”. I forced a smile and told her that would but she just grimaced at my words.

My wedding day continued, my half eaten plate waiting on our sweet heart table but, I did not mind. I wasn’t much hungry and I enjoyed everyone who came to greet me and my husband. We took photos as the instrumentals played, people chattered and kids went for seconds at the assorted desserts. And just as it felt long, the hours fled quickly and soon the dinner party was over. Married at age 21 doesn’t feel much different from our last 4 years of being together. I think it just comes with a few extra perks like waking up to each other and seeing each other more often however what really brings me a peace of mind is our vows….  knowing that he will forever continue to be with you. Our wedding rings is the pure symbolic meaning of our ongoing love and partnership in life…

Every day I’m reminded of our promise just by looking at our rings that are carefully nested on our fingers.

Whether one marries young or one marries and a later time of their life, the promise between two is the most beautiful.



A workaholic maniac dealing with self obsessions multiple mediums of visual arts.

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