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Foolish Captain of the Sea

Foolish Captain of the Sea 11/4/12: I wrote this back a while ago as you can see with the date. I was reading and have been influenced by poems hence the format. I really love this type of poem and I am unsure if it even has a proper name (if you do know, please comment! I’d love to explore this)… Enjoy, – Leohma

Captain of the Sea.

your faith is sealed

blinded by your own savage self

those sharks you’ve fed

a jump and a scream

a blindfolded citizen

to meet a bloody end 

It is not only I

but for the rest of those pained souls

I will avenge their great falls

Lend me an ear

for I shall tell you about a treasure

not worth dying for.

over the horizon

and past those numerous islands

above the shallow waters and deep into space

lays Satan’s chest.

Abide by my rules

or plummet to an icy state

in which you wake no more for heaven’s sake.

Angels and gods alike

will dance and feast

at this marvelous news

while you atone for your sins

demons feasting off your skin.

It’s clearly fool’s gold

I presume you should know

but your thirst for mere gold

has always quenched for more.

Hungrily, you spare no time

and tired of my useless rhymes

you smash me against the door.

escaping from your mouth comes a deathly odor.

Harshly, you say:

“Tell me where, lad, this chest lies,

I swear I will not be kind

if what you say is a lie.”

And to that,

I tremble not.

With a crooked wry smile

I say at last:

“Meet your death

with open wide arms.

Once you’ve entered satan’s chamber

you will never come back.”

Captain of the Sea.

How foolish you are

for satan’s chest

you took your own life.



A workaholic maniac dealing with self obsessions multiple mediums of visual arts.

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